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While studying for Excelsior College's "Ethics: Theory and Practice" I used a variety of resources. Some I felt were essential to understanding the concepts. Other I could have done without entirely. Some of the resources I used may also be useful in studying for the Dantes / DSST "Ethics in America Exam," but I haven't taken the Dantes test. Though I have tried my best to rate the material, no warranty is given that the information on this site will be appropriate for your use.

Exam Prep

Here are some of the resources I used for Excelsior "Ethics: Theory
and Practice" and a few notes on each.

Holmes, R.L. (2003). Basic moral philosophy (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Inc.
Best descriptions of terms and explainations of variations of theories.

Ingram, D.B. and J. A. Parks (2002). The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Ethics. Indianapolis, IN, Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Plain language explainations. Fairly thorough.

Arthur, J (Ed.). (2002). Morality and moral controversies (6th ed.).
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Many good articles from original source.


Kaufman, F. (2004). Ethics: Theory & Practice, Course Guide.
Albany, NY, Excelsior College.
Helps give structure to study by promoting specific approach.
Not very helpful for summarizing material.
May not be worthwhile for someone
experienced with independent study.

Angela's Notes, both in files section and
expanded study guide from e-Bay
Pretty thorough outline of course material.

Beauchamp, T.L. (2001). Philosophical ethics (3rd ed.). New York,
NY: McGraw-Hill, Inc.
Some helpful readings.

Excelsior Practice Exams
Targeted specifically for course material for
EC Ethics: Theory & Practice
I found this well worth the time and the cost. ($75) practice exams
Not so helpful. Less precise than Excelsior. Feedback after
taking the practice exams confusing. Not worthwhile. ($20)
Ok drills. Type in the answer, but answer not always
intuitive. Expect to run through each set several times.
Don't forget to cancel your enrollment when done.

Love feedback others may have if this site is helpful.
I have some comments on this site on general approach.

Hunter Thinks
Helpful, but found Angela's notes much more complete.

Feedback from members of
Yahoo! Group--ExcelsiorRNstudygroup
Good advice from caring people.

Also a variety of links and files in
Best book deals were found on with some on

Here are a few links to resources available on Amazon.
Be sure to check out, ebay and other resources for used copies. If you do decide to buy new, clicking through to the links above is appreciated. Thanks.

Deeper into Philosophy

Take a distance education course.

The University of Idaho offers an economical independent study program. The teaching faculty and Independent Study staff are very helpful.

Independent Study in Idaho (ISI)

Phil 103 Ethics
Phil 320 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Phil 321 History of Modern Philosophy
SS 350 Women in the Twentieth Century

Get a degree in Philophy

You can study get a degree in philosophy.n Philosphy I chose Exelsior University's Philosphy Major under the Bachelor of Liberal Arts Program.

...Or do both...

I had already taken about half of my philosphy requirements at a local Californa Community College and from San Jose State University. Twenty years later I took the Excelsior "Ethics: Theory and Practice" Exam. I aslo I enrolled in the Univerity of Idaho's "Phil 321 History of Modern Philosophy" course.

"Women in the Twentieth Century" from the University of Idaho's ISI program and taught out of Lewis and Clark State College is listed as a Social Sciences course, but the goals stated in syllabus all relate to "ethical predicaments", "ethical dilemmas," ethical problems." I petitioned my Liberal Arts advisor to allow the course to count toward my major requirements. At first the course was not approved, but after I defended the request by referencing the syllabus, the advising team approved my request.

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