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I hope that some of the information on this site is helpful to anyone seeking to take a multiple choice ethics exam such as Excelsior College's "Ethics: Theory and Practice" or tje DSST "Ethics in America." However, no warranty is given that the information on this site will be appropriate for your use, nor is any claim made that the information is accurate. I have tried not to duplicate the approaches I came accross in other sites. If you want a full outline of material with comments, there are much better resources available already.

Originally posted June 2005 in starting Ethics course...

[In response to a questions about question tables.] There is a sample question table in appendix E of the Study Guide. It is explained in the Introduction of session 1 as "an organizing tool." The questions are derived directly from the session objectives of the lesson.

[In response to a concern about exam format.] Great thing about a multiple choice test is that there is a lot of freedom in what organization tools you use. The test won't cover whether you use "question tables", "glossary of terms", "flash cards", or sample quizes. It will just cover what you know and how you perform.

Best book deals were found on with some on Here are a few links to resources available on Amazon.

Be sure to check out, ebay and other resources for used copies. If you do decide to buy new, clicking through to the links above is appreciated. Thanks.

My approach, to begin anyway, is to develop a Glossary of Terms, marking terms listed on p. 209-210 as "key terms." This is my map. Frankly, when I just read straight throught the material, I can get lost. If a term is covered, I can jot down an quick defintion. (May be important to note who defined the term that way, in case there is disagreement.)

I also tend to take notes on readings and reorganize them in a way that makes sense to me.

Where flash cards can be useful, is to increase proficiency in matching say the term and the definition. is an online flash card sharing site. If others are using it and contributing material, I may upload material as well.

The program I like the desktop version of quiz-buddy. It gives a couple of formats for quizing. It integrates into my Palm Pilot for on the road quizes. What I don't like is that it is not intuitive how to load new material. It works but is awkward. The Palm-Pilot version is free, but the desktop version, required if you design new material is $40.

There is material at, but price of course is expensive at $150. It's not distinct from DSST exam. If using DSST materials to study why not use Jack Rudman or Lisa Newton's Ethics Books. They are cheaper. For that price.....I can consider the first ECE exam as practice and if I don't like the score I can take it again.

Forget for a moment that it is philosophy. I anticipate a multiple choice test on terms (definitions), proponents of ideas (who said what), reading comprehension (case studies), and reasoning (questions that actually require some thinking).

Not sure how study buddies works here [orignal post on, a site that was up for only a few weeks] or in other classes, but am happy to exchange some ideas. This course is about third priority for me in studying. I've got a history of philosophy class and GRE Literature that will take precedence. Then I need time for work.

I've attached a few notes. Happy to look at your version. I don't like a tag team approach of alternating chapters to study. But a double team approach of both studying and exhanging notes whether in full or samples to see if we are on track can work.

Came across Guy claims he got an A. Note look kind of meager, but I do like how he notes name of proponent of an idea and a summary of the idea.

I do hope to take the test, though, by September 30, as the Content Guide warns it may be outdated in October.


Addendum July 2005...

Have not used palm pilot so much lately. Spent alot of time in developing quiz format and loading sample quizes.

There should be a practice test available from Excelsior in late August. I plan to take it.

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