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I hope that some of the information on this site is helpful to anyone seeking to take a multiple choice ethics exam such as Excelsior College's "Ethics: Theory and Practice" or the DSST "Ethics in America." However, no warranty is given that the information on this site will be appropriate for your use, nor is any claim made that the information is accurate. I have tried not to duplicate the approaches I came accross in other sites. If you want a full outline of material with comments, there are much better resources available already.

Exam Prep

This quiz follow the multiple-choice style of the Excelsior Ethics Content Guide except that many questions have 5 choices instead of the four. Case studies to practice the practical application of ethics are are more concise.

Take the Quiz--Introductory Terms, Animal Rights, and Abortion

Extra Credit

The following questions may be outside the scope of specific exams you may be facing.

Take the Quiz:-- Religion and Morality, Egoism, Abortion and Animal Rights

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Under Construction

There aren't a lot of questions on the following, but I welcome feedback and am happy to add to these with a little help:



Social Equality

Notes on General Approach to EC Ethics

Some notes on my approach to Ethics.

More Exercises

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