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I began preparing for the Exelsior: Ethics Theory and Practice Exam, a multiple choice exam that provides three semester units of upper division credit. I ordered the suggested texts --Ethics: Theory & Practice, Course Guide, Basic moral philosophy, Morality and Moral Controversies.

Meanwhile, I was determined to take the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Graduate Records Exam (GRE), English in Literature Subject Exam. Excelsior offers up to 30 semester units of credit to those who can score in the 80th percentile on the the ETS GRE Subject exams.

As I sat down to study for Ethics, I realized that being out of school for twenty years, my primary problem was not having adequate information, for the course materials are quite good.

A few of the problems I faces included lack of social support and lack of feedback on progress.

My educational goals with Excelsior began as a Bachelor of the Arts in the Liberal Arts with a major in Philosophy. I came across very few students online by searcing for Liberal Arts or Philosphy majors. I was able to find great social support in a few of the Yahoo Groups set up by students enrolled in the Excelsior nurses program. A special thanks goes to Angela of ExcelsiorRNstudygroup.

For social support on the GRE there are a couple of great online groups. One is the TestMagic Forum and the other is on LiveJournal. I still drop in to participate, though I completed the exam December 2005.



I had difficulty following ongoing issues with LiveJournal and the newsgroups. The same questions are often over and over. Testmagic was a little more organized, listing conversations by topic. When I found that with my free account with LiveJournal I could not access comments I had made many months earlier, I realized that I needed to consolidate my comments in one place.

I hope you find this site useful. If I get good feedback, I might include additional topics on other courses and exams I've taken. Don't expect to find answers to actual test questions here though. The focus of this site in on approaches and resources. I've also included a few practice quizes. The most attention is given to Ethics.

I thought that I could overcome much of my apprehension of the test by trying to create my own practice exams. When it grew to become a distraction, I stopped making testes and just hit the books harder.

Check out the links at the top of the page for Ethics Approach, Resources and Practice Quizes as well as the Approach I used for the GRE Subject Exam in English Literature.

I would love to the feedback... can stop by one of the groups listed under the resources section and say hello there.

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